‘Learn to Love, Love to Learn’

Arts - Awe & Wonder Week

Arts Week

Imagine a World of Wonder – Natural Wonders of the World

The children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed Arts Week 2018 and the high level of involvement and enjoyment was evident in the productive and pleasant atmosphere in each class.

The children engaged in a wide range of activities that explored all areas of the arts including Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Creative Writing. The secure cross curricular links enabled breadth of experience, individual expression and consolidation of ideas.

The activities were challenging and engaging with a wide range of resources to support the development of knowledge and skills. Our celebration assembly at the end of the week gave children to opportunity to showcase their work to the rest of the school and gave every child a sense of achievement.

In the words of our pupils…

“Arts make me happy and fills my heart with love”


“I like getting messy and using different colours and mixing them all together to make even more colours…it’s like magic”


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