HPAN 'Elements of Halton' Art Gallery 2021

Lesson: Art and design

Halton Primary Arts Network – Elements of Halton

We were due to take part in the Halton Primary Arts Network exhibition at Runcorn Shopping City in February but due to government restrictions sadly it was cancelled. The theme for the project was ‘Elements of Halton’ and following discussions with our Arts Ambassadors we decided to focus our school project around the River Mersey and its significance for the transport of people and industrial goods.

The project inspired children to talk to family members about their memories of the bridges in Halton throughout time and talk about their own experiences of travelling over the Silver Jubilee Bridge and the recent construction of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Children were invited to create a representation of one of the following:

  • The Runcorn Railway Bridge – also known as Ethelfleda Bridge and The Britannia Bridge
  • The Transporter Bridge
  • The Silver Jubilee Bridge
  • The Mersey Gateway Bridge

Our children enjoyed experimenting with different colours and using a range of media in their artwork. I’m sure you will agree their work in fantastic and an example of how creative and imaginative our children at St Bede’s Infants really are.

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